Daniel Tang DDS
Daniel Tang DDS
General and Cosmetic Dentistry in Long Beach, CA

Why Choose Us?


Great Questions!

We have a lot to offer our patients.  First, we minimize waiting when you arrive and allow plenty of time to treat you and care for your needs.  Everything is explained and we allow for all your questions to be answered.  We want our patients to be informed of treatment they’ll be receiving as well as their dental health.

Second, our office has recently gone digital.  This means we want to bring modern technology and incorporate it into giving our patients the best experience possible.  Our scheduling, billing, treatment planning and even radiographs are state of the art.  With our new digital x-ray system, the amount of exposure is dramatically decreased while allowing for quick and accurate viewing and diagnosis.

Lastly, our fees are very reasonable and according to our patients- very economical.  This allows for greater access to care and we want to better serve our community in the Wrigley Village and the broader Long Beach area.  The office accepts many different types of insurance.  Call to inquire more about our fees which are sure to be competitive!

Dr. Daniel Tang is thorough in explaining his treatment.  He is passionate about his work and wants to deliver the best treatment possible. He strongly believes in conservative treatment and preventative dentistry, as you will witness in his treatment planning. The supplies and equipment are top quality. Though we have only been in the Long Beach area for a couple of years, and quite contrary to how he may appear to be in his youth, Dr. Tang has the experience to care for you and deliver high quality dentistry-whether it’s for a root canal, extraction, filling, or even a routine cleaning!  We do all aspects of dentistry and we are proud to provide all services in-house.

Bottom line: we genuinely care about our patients’ oral health!